You name it and we'll (probably) have it. Choose designs from names like GP&J Baker, Romo, Zoffany, Kobe, Linwood, Sanderson, Voyage, Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Design Forum, Ian Sanderson (I could list them all but I wouldn't have room to write anything else.)


We cater for all ages, styles, tastes and tasks. There are a lot of smaller design companies out there too, who have some cracking designs - you may not find them in the big shops.

We have terrific trimmings too from Bobbles to Bullion. We let you take the fabric books into your home. (TOP TIP... It's best to look at the fabrics in different lights at different times of the day) We can supply you with large samples to live with for a few weeks too. Now you don't often find that sort of service elsewhere... for free! You really don't want to get it wrong.


We offer our services to any type of client, including:


  • Hotels

  • Show Homes

  • Executive Homes

  • Farmhouses

  • Public Houses

  • Modern & Old Homes

Fitting Service

Paragraph about Fitting Service please. Just a bit of info for your clients.

"Take the stress out of life, relax, and let us come to you!'


As per 'Fabrics' really - we can advise on wallpapers to suit you and your surroundings. We take on board what you may already have or the ideas you want to create. From the sublime to the ridiculous (but mostly somewhere in between...) we can find something to suit you. (We have fabrics that'll coordinate too!)


(Well, you have to have something to hang your fabric from.) Choose from Metal, Wood, Painted, Gilded, Limed, See-Through, Thick, Thin, Pelmets, Valances. We've got samples you can look at, feel and take into the house - with your fabrics. We have all sorts to suit all situations. Best way really.

Curtain Poles & Tracks

Lighting's important in a room; whether it's just to see where you're going at night, for reading and working or for illuminating and decoration. We can provide table, standard, wall, ceiling and side lighting.


Not only sofas, tables, chairs, wardrobes etc but wall art, mirrors, rugs, hooks, and bookcases. (Mind you, I don't have all these in my prison van / mobile shop. It may be an Aladdin's cave but it's not a TARDIS) We have lots of brochures and pictures and a great choice.

Design Advice

"No hard sell" and "No obligation to buy" are two of our mantras. We can offer advice, give an opinion and point you in the right direction. Above all, we listen. Ultimately, you can't have it unless you're entirely happy with the end result (well, you can, actually; it's a free world after all) You, the client, have to live with it in the end, not us.


Whether you're starting with an empty house and have no idea where to begin or if you just want a new blind for your bathroom. Give us a ring.

Fitting Service

Our team of curtain makers are tried and tested and are professionally trained. They come to your house, measure up, make-up then fit and dress the curtains in situ. (They make lovely cushions aswell!)


Our upholsterers will only pick up your items when they're ready to upholster them and will deliver back as soon as they're finished. Real craftsmen they are too.


No good at DIY? We've got that covered.... We can send in the fitters to drill holes and put up poles so you don't have to. (and they clear up after themselves.)


We give you estimates for everything, your approval, before even ordering a cotton reel.

Keeping up with current trends is one thing but we treat each client and their property as individuals.


We'll work with you and your home to create the impact and atmosphere you want.


One curtain style may suit one client but won't suit another. With our constantly updated fabric books and expert curtain makers we'll style your curtains around you and your home.


Our upholsterers will only pick up your items when they're ready to upholster them and will deliver back as soon as they're finished. Real craftsmen they are too.