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From the moment you contact us, you will discover that we are no ordinary design company, our most standout feature being our unique mobile interior design showroom - a delightfully converted prison van!

We cater for all ages, styles, tastes and tasks  - from complete show homes and whole houses, to just a few rooms, regardless of project size, we can help.


Whether you want a complete refurb, replacement curtains, reupholstery, or new lampshades made to order, you will love our friendly and helpful approach.


How we work

Generally we deal with you face to face.  I take my mobile showroom to your house and bring with me a selection of samples for you to choose from in the comfort of your own home.


Even if you are unsure of what you want, I can interpret your thoughts and know precisely what you want, simply by seeing a piece of fabric you like or a piece of furniture/art etc you lov.e

Obviously it helps if you have some idea but, if you have no clue what to do, I will hold your hand and guide you.  I am very flexible in design, so will listen to you, establish your views and tastes and will never thrust my own preferences on to you - this is, after all your home and needs to represent you!


I provide you with the best products for the best prices, regardless of whether you have a high end project with a large budget, or a more modest project with a less expansive pocket,


If you would like an idea of budget, simply send me photos and measurements of your furniture, room and window sizes etc. and I will estimate accordingly.


90% of our work comes via recommendations from friends and family of happy clients, who appreciate the fact that my team and I will always go the extra mile - I will gladly come out to deliver just a blind.

These small but essential, considerate services make the difference between us and other busy designers and are the reason why we have so many satisfied clients who refer us to others time and time again!

"Take the stress out of life, relax, and let us come to you!'


About Us

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