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​Fabric looks very different miles away under a strip light in a shop, so we believe bringing it into your home is important. That way, you can see what it looks like surrounded by your home.


We have accounts with all the major fabric houses – as well as the less well known ones – i.e. those with fabulous ranges but not the marketing budget to promote them.


There are many smaller design companies around with some cracking designs that you may not find in the big shops.  So we can offer you exciting designs that cost far less than the bigger brands.

As well as sourcing fabrics for interior design projects, we also offer a fabric only service.

Fabric brands

You name it and we'll (probably) have it!


Choose designs from names such as GP&J Baker, Romo, Zoffany, Kobe, Linwood and Sanderson, to Voyage, Clarke & Clarke, Harlequin, Design Forum, Ian Sanderson - I could list them all but I wouldn't have room to write anything else!

We also have terrific trimmings too from Bobbles to Bullion.


We let you take the fabric books into your home.


TOP TIP... It's best to look at the fabrics in different lights at different times of the day

We can supply you with large samples to live with for a few weeks too, as you really don't want to get it wrong..  Now you don't often find that sort of service elsewhere... for free!

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